Wedding fun

IMG_7714For whatever reason, i’m looking forward to a friend of mine to get married before I actually get married, simply because I know all of my friends will have one of the best wedding’s this planet has ever seen. It’ll be crazy to actually see somebody I grew up with settling down and GETTING MARRIED. Let alone having kids, man I can’t even imagine.

The wedding wouldn’t even be the best part, as the bachelor party would take the reigns for the most shenanigans in one night. Although I don’t think any of my friends will be getting married anytime soon, I can still dream about it right?

How crazy would it be if none of my friends ever got married and I never attended a wedding other than my own-and even that is a stretch at this point. I have a hard enough time taking care of myself right now, I can’t even imagine what the married life entails. Just thinking about the future and a family sort of scares me, I get why some people are excited and anxious to get that all started, but I don’t think people realize how much your life changes after you get married/have kids!


Maybe one day i’ll be able to tell you about it, but probably not.

Funny Story

I’ve only been to a few weddings in my life, but none of these weddings did I ever have a serious connection with either the bride or the groom. As i’m getting older, I’ve been starting to attend more weddings for people that I actually have some sort of a connection with, which means that I need to provide them with some sort of a wedding favor. My first wedding I honestly had no idea what to get for a wedding favor, I tried to think of things that I would personally want on my wedding day because I wanted my gift to actually be meaningful and personable. Unlike most people who just provide a toaster or a blender, which yes that’s very nice of you, but at the same time…Come on, really? So over the past few years i’ve been struggling to come up with good wedding ideas and gifts, so please if you have any let me know of some good ideas.

The reason for this post is simply for me to tell a funny story that happened in regards to one of my first weddings with somebody who I actually had a personal connection with. I was VERY good friends with bride and groom, so I wanted to do something that would be absolutely hilarious. So I decided to get them a fake snake (that indeed looked VERY real). I had informed the bride about the gift and was planning on having it be a surprise for the groom because he is very afraid of snakes so it would for sure give him a good scare! For what it’s worth, this wasn’t my ACTUAL gift for them, as I had made sure that they both knew I would get them something worth while.

When I got to the wedding I very mysteriously placed the wedding gift without my name on it on the heaping pile of presents for the two newly weds. It would be more than two-three weeks before they would actually open them because they had a  nice long honeymoon trip planned! Below is a picture from their trip!


When they finally decided to open them, he got so scared that he apparently pissed his pants! The bride said it was one of the funniest things she had ever seen, mission accomplished!

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